Monday, April 10, 2006

The Holy Apostle Andrew, the First-called. 24 х 30 cm

St. Andrew was a student of John the Baptist, and the first who followed Jesus Christ and proclaimed him as the Savior. St. Andrew was with the Lord when a miracle with five breads happened and after which 5000 people were saved from the famine. With the Lord’s blessed word, Apostle Andrew traveled from Dnepr (ancient Borisphen) to Kiev Mountains. When he arrived to Kiev Mountains, St. Andrew put the cross at the top of the mountain and declared that on this very spot would be a new settlement, in which the Lord would build many churches. In the year of 62, in a town named Patry, a consul Egeat ordered to crucify St. Andrew on the cross which resembled the Rome’s letter “X”. In 357 this cross was moved into the temple of St. Apostles in Constantinople. In 1208 it was transferred to Italy and in 1458 it was finally moved into St. Peter’s Dome in Rome.


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