Friday, April 21, 2006

Russian Icons Gallery opens its doors in Old Riga, Latvia

April, 2006. The Russian Icon Gallery, which is located in the heart of Old Riga, Latvia ( ), had its doors open for very special guests and other people interested in Orthodox religion and icons.

On the opening day, Archbishop of Latvia Alexander along with different media folks came to visit this beautiful gallery.

This gallery is the only one of its kind in Latvia. All icons were written by monks from Russian Churches using ancient iconographical techniques.

I am proudly presenting all these icons on this blog to more broad public around the globe.

Archbishop of Latvia Alexander, the Gallery's owners (Andrey&Lubova), and media folks entering the gallery.

Archbishop of Latvia Alexander & (sorry dont know the name yet) are discussing about the gallery

Special Thanks to the owners of this gallery

Andrey V.(right) From the original idea till the opening day, this man has put great effort in bringing this gallery to life.

Lubova G (giving an interview to journalists). A very special woman and my mother, has helped enormously in everything to launch this gallery.

Currently, there are lots of people visiting the gallery and the owners are very busy, but I am very happy that everything goes well. Great effort!

Courtesy of Russian Icon Gallery, Riga, Latvia


Blogger iconoclastical said...

fascinating. thanks for the answers on the cherubim.

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Isabel Blanco said...

I have the travel icon of the Romanov Family Holy Mother of Feodorov (the little one and similar from Holy Mother of Vladimir) for sale. She is genuan the unique item.

Christies valued her up to about 600.000 us dollar but has no oction for these collections.

1:26 PM  

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