Thursday, April 06, 2006

St. Seraphim Sarovskiy. 13 х 16 cm

St Seraphim Sarovskiy was born in a wealthy family. When he was 10 years old he got very ill and there was no hope that he would ever get healthy again. The Virgin came into his dream and cured him. This affected the boy’s destiny afterwards. At 17, he decided to leave his family to become a monk with a new name, Seraphim, at the Sarovskiy Cathedral. When he became an Ier-Monk at 35, he moved into the woods, where he had lived for 16 years in a hut on the shore of the Sarovki River.
Once he was attacked by muggers and brutally beaten because he had not carried valuable things to steal from him. Doctors came to conclusion that he would not survive but the Virgin came to him and said: “What are you doing? This one is a kin of mine”. Afterwards, Seraphim started getting healthy very quickly. He asked not to punish the robbers, but in a while all their belongings were destroyed in a big fire. They realized their fault and apologized for what they did to the Saint Seraphim. After Seraphim returned to the Cathedral, he lived in isolation for 17 years. In the last years of his life Seraphim founded Diveev Women Monastery and helped sisters. The Saint Seraphim died on January 1 1833.


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