Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Virgin of Jerusalem. 27 х 32 cm

This icon was rewritten from the original icon “Virgin of Jerusalem”
The original was written by evangelist Lucas. It is believed that this particular image is associated with Mary of Egypt.
It remained in Jerusalem till the middle of V century and later was moved to Constantinople, where the icon was renamed into – “Tsaregradskaya”. During Tsar Erakliy’s ruling, the icon was moved to the Cathedral of Vlahern. After 300 years, it was taken to Korsun. In 988, Great Duke Vladimir conquered Korsun and accepted holy baptizing. For this, he was given Virgin of Jerusalem icon. Soon after, Vladimir donated this sacred icon to people of Novgorod in order to baptize them.
The icon remained in the Sophie Cathedral in Novgorod until Tsar Ivan Grozny conquered Novgorod and took it to Moscow.
During Napoleon’s invasion the icon was stolen and taken to Paris, where it had been staying till nowadays in the Cathedral of Virgin of Paris.


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